Our Process

Lowery employs a proprietary three-phase investment process to ensure that your portfolio is tailored to incorporate the appropriate balance of risk and reward.

Phase 1 — Data Gathering and Current State Review

The first step in any successful endeavor is to understand where you are and where you want to go. Lowery will work with you to quantify and prioritize your goals and objectives. We will design a comprehensive portfolio solution based on those unique goals and objectives that considers multiple forms of risk, market climate, and economic enviroment. This process also includes a review of your policy statement and recommendations of any necessary alterations. 


Phase 2 – Due Diligence and Implementation

Lowery draws on extensive research to find managers to meet your needs. Managers are sought out that exhibit the characteristics that make them good stewards of capital. Consideration is also given to managers who may cater to your specific sensitivities such as liquidity, fees, or social responsibility.


Phase 3 – Ongoing Risk/portfolio Management and Monitoring

Lowery monitors your portfolio to ensure that it meets your performance and risk objectives. We provide robust periodic performance reports which allow you to monitor portfolio progress. As appropriate, will identify and recommend allocation and manager changes. 

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