The Lowery Difference

When compared to other investment advisors, there are several significant differentiators that we believe allow Lowery Asset Consulting to deliver superior service to clients: 

Market-informed judgment

Lowery provides market-informed judgment
  • Open Door Policy: Investment professionals at Lowery engage in hundreds of manager meetings across the entire investment spectrum each year, giving us a broad range of perspectives of the investment landscape to form the basis of our market-informed judgment.
  • Independent Research: Lowery subscribes to numerous independent capital markets and macroeconomic research sources which supplement the information gathered from hundreds of meetings annually.
  • Generalists: Unlike other firms, Lowery consultants do not specialize in a particular asset class or sector. This was done by design. We feel this eliminates the potential for bias or incentive to place an emphasis on any one particular asset class.


Lowery strives to offer unbiased, objective advice
  • Fee based only: We derive 100% of our revenue directly from client advisory fees. There is no pay-to-play.
  • Independent: Lowery is independently owned and operated.
  • No affiliations: We do not have a parent company, subsidiaries, or an affiliated bank/brokerage firm.


Lowery is highly proactive with clients
  • Innovative Ideas: We think outside the box. We do not limit our thinking to the client's current portfolio allocation. 
  • Undiscovered Managers: Typical consulting firms have established screening processes (based on size and various quantitative models) that prevent smaller or newer managers from ever being considered. By contrast, Lowery maintains an open-door policy and encourages visits from all managers.
  • Tactical Overlay: Utilizing market-informed judgment, we combine clients' long term strategic allocation with a tactical tilt to reflect the shorter-term investment environment.


Lowery is dedicated to transparency
  • No hidden fees: Clients know they are going to get full-service, objective advice without the surprise of additional fees for manager searches, alternative investments or adding another asset class to the portfolio. At Lowery, all client fees are disclosed.
  • Accountability: Our reporting system holds each manager accountable. Clients see each manager vs. their respective benchmark and peer group.