Investment Policy

We know what Institutions have long known: memorializing an asset allocation and related portfolio parameters through a thoughtful process establishes a foundation for portfolio management.  While it may seem bureaucratic, setting an appropriate strategic asset allocation is perhaps the most critical determinant of long-term success for any investment program.

A well-written Investment Policy Statement should clearly delineate responsibilities and investment guidelines. It will provide the framework for the Investment Committee and/or Board to judge whether the program is meeting its intended goals and objectives. As such, our consultants work closely with each client to determine the client’s risk tolerances, return objectives, and liquidity needs. We then prepare an Investment Policy Statement that clearly outlines the client’s goals and allocation percentages among different asset classes and styles.

We believe that a useful Investment Policy Statement also defines the appropriate client-specific benchmark for the portfolio. This figure is calculated and reported on every Lowery-generated performance report, so that the client can quickly determine if the program is on track.

To learn how Lowery Asset Consulting can assist you develop an Investment Policy, contact us today.