Quarterly Performance Monitoring & Risk Evaluations

When it comes to a client’s portfolio, Lowery consultants aim to balance prudent patience with intellectual complacency. We regularly monitor, analyze, evaluate and adjust portfolio recommendations to maximize returns and better manage risk. Our clients can expect to be provided with the following:

  • Quarterly/Monthly Reports that include a consolidated asset allocation snapshot and performance review
  • Monitoring of each portfolio to ensure that investment percentages fall within the acceptable ranges set forth by the investment policy statement
  • Manager Attribution Analysis
  • Risk Evaluation Metrics 

Above and beyond the quantitative analysis, we attempt to stay current on those subtleties that can derail a previously strong-performing strategy. Personnel turnover, organizational dynamics, and style drift are some of the main issues that can arise. Not only do we meet with hundreds of managers each year, we also read hundreds of manager commentaries each quarter and review portfolio holdings on a regular basis. We want to know about potential problems before they manifest themselves in a client’s portfolio performance.

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