Traditional Investment Consulting

We believe Traditional Investment Consulting services must be comprehensive and all-inclusive. That means we do not charge extra for manager searches or alternative asset advice, or any of the other “add-on” costs above and beyond a consultant’s base fee. And when it comes to Traditional Investment Consulting, Lowery strives to maintain a reputation for providing completely objective investment advice and delivering the highest level of client service.

We stress that each client has different needs, expectations, and constraints. Therefore, we approach each client without a preconceived recommendation. Lowery’s core investment consulting services are comprised of:

  • Documentation of objectives
  • Development of investment policy
  • Investment manager research & due diligence 
  • Asset allocation & implementation guidance
  • Performance & risk monitoring
  • Monthly and quarterly reporting

Setting an appropriate strategic asset allocation is perhaps the most critical determinant of long-term success for any investment program. Our seasoned team of consultants employs a quantitative and qualitative process, incorporating internal capital market expectations, a detailed analysis of the client’s liability structure, and the client’s unique risk and return objectives.

Once an asset allocation has been created, we work with the client to develop the right implementation of managers, styles and focus. Lowery offers unique capabilities when it comes to manager research. With an open door policy, we meet and vet hundreds of managers every year. This means we can present clients with a more diverse selection of managers than other firms, helping optimize portfolios.

Ongoing portfolio monitoring and adjustments

After putting the investment program in place, we work with our client to monitor their portfolios on a regular basis. Tracking performance is only the starting point for Lowery. We maintain forward-looking views on multiple asset classes, which enable proactive advice. Occasionally, this can lead us to recommend a new asset class or a tactical shift within client portfolios. Such as direct lending or life settlement.

To learn more about Lowery’s Traditional Investment Consulting, contact us today.