Non Profit Clients

The Lowery Asset Consulting team works closely with a wide range of nonprofit organizations. Our experience includes, but is not limited to:

  • Endowments and Foundations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Healthcare Institutions
  • Religious Institutions
  • Cultural Arts Organizations

We offer keen insight and trusted expertise. Through our proprietary investment process, Lowery helps clients construct investment portfolios that:

  • Meet the spending and preservation needs of the portfolio
  • Maximize investment returns with proper levels of risk

Lowery’s team comprises some of the most experienced people in the industry. Because our revenue is derived directly from client advisory fees, we offer advice that's completely objective and in the client’s best interest

Deep experience with endowments

Colleges, hospitals, performing arts groups and many other organizations rely on endowments to achieve their long-term missions. These asset pools are used for everything from creating new education programs to funding breakthrough medical research. Lowery can help you navigate the extra hurdles present when managing a perpetual portfolio (e.g., market volatility, cyclical fundraising, and mandatory spending). Since each client faces a unique set of challenges, every solution is customized to meet an organization’s goals.

Expertise with specific types of nonprofits

Our consultants have more than 25 years of extensive nonprofit experience. We understand the nuances associated with various types of organizations. Some organizations may have a particular focus on managing special or restricted funding needs, while others focus on monitoring and managing working capital needs.  

Extra screening meets your special standards

Many religious institutions as well as other organizations require an extra level of selectivity when considering and choosing investments. In addition to providing asset class and best-in-class manager research, Lowery can provide the extra step needed to screen and monitor investments as needed by our clients.

To learn how Lowery Asset Consulting can help your nonprofit organization maximize investment results, contact us today.