Private Clients

Lowery Asset Consulting works with our nationally-based clientele to design, manage and monitor investment portfolios designed to meet each client’s unique goals and objectives.

Through our proprietary investment process, Lowery combines our market-informed judgment with a cost-efficient, tax-aware investment strategy designed to meet the client’s income, growth and capital preservation requirements in an open architecture environment.

Lowery does not provide a one-size-fits-all, model-based approach to portfolio construction. We believe it is imperative to invest the time up front to understand the client’s goals and objectives for their portfolio.

Providing an open architecture

Lowery maintains a reputation for integrity by operating with complete open architecture:

    • No Lowery-sponsored, in-house investment products
    • No payment of fees by investment managers to be included in our databases
    • No bank or brokerage firm ownership to collect additional “hidden” fees
    • Assets are held at the institution of the client’s choice

Any investment managers or mutual funds in a client’s portfolio earn the right to be there through performance and a consistent approach to money management.

Institutional access

Lowery’s private clients benefit from the firm’s institutional research. We often deliver successful managers and funds that clients typically would not be able to access or uncover on their own.

Lowery’s approach to risk

Each client has both unique goals and a unique level of risk tolerance. Lowery works with clients to understand their goals and risk tolerance before making any portfolio recommendations.

Lowery believes that each client needs to understand the risks they take within their portfolio and why they are taking on such risks. Additionally, portfolio diversification both among asset classes and within an asset class is utilized as this typically provides some reduction in volatility inherent in any portfolio.

Reducing the impact of taxes and expenses

Taxes can be a significant drag on a private client’s portfolio. Lowery recognizes this and seeks to manage the tax effect on portfolio wealth through tax aware implementation, utilization of tax managed portfolio products, and tax loss/gain harvesting to maximize the after tax value for the client’s portfolio.

Expenses, while significantly smaller than taxes, reduce investment returns. Lowery utilizes the buying power of the firm to provide access to managers and mutual funds at a lower cost and/or minimum than clients typically can achieve on their own. We strive for best-in-class performance with the lowest possible cost. 

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Our seasoned team of consulting professionals can effectively manage all the intricacies of individual and family wealth while maintaining the utmost level confidentiality.  

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