Family Offices

Significant wealth can bring significant challenges. Management of business assets, multiple homes, and complex tax and estate planning strategies are just a few of the challenges facing the ultra-high net worth family. On the personal side, effective transfer of wealth across generations, integrating heirs into the management of wealth, and issues surrounding the best ways to achieve philanthropic goals provide additional challenges. These are complex problems and families with very significant wealth often chose to establish a family office to manage these aspects of their affairs. 

While the creation of a family office seems like a simple solution, the cost for these offices can be substantial, and decisions must be made regarding internal staffing versus outsourcing some essential services.

Lowery provides investment advisory services to family offices that desire either of the following:         

  1. A supporting role – Lowery can supplement the work done within the office in the area of manager search and selection and performance reporting.
  2. An outsourced Investment Management function – Utilize Lowery as the provider of investment services that will coordinate all aspects of the process working closely with the family and the head of the family office.

Lowery works with the family to establish long-term strategic allocations to meet each family’s specific goals and objectives. As there are often multiple entities to be managed, each receives appropriate scrutiny to ensure the allocation fits each entity’s long term objectives. When implementing the strategy, Lowery utilizes market-informed judgment and access to institutional level managers to construct each portfolio. 

We work completely within an open architecture environment. This means money managers have no affiliation with Lowery, and we work with the custodian of the client’s choosing as we have no affiliation with a bank or brokerage firm.

We work closely with the family office, estate attorney and CPA or accounting firm to ensure all aspects of investment management are coordinated with estate and tax planning for the family.

To learn more about how Lowery Asset Consulting can help your Family Office maximize growth while minimizing risk, contact us today.