High Net Worth

Corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs and others who have successfully built their wealth often find they do not have the time, energy, expertise or desire to personally manage their investment portfolios. Many of these high net worth individuals turn to Lowery professionals for experienced consulting.

The Lowery process combines our market-informed judgment with a cost-efficient, tax-aware investment strategy designed to meet a client’s income, growth and capital preservation requirements, done in an open architecture environment. Individual investors benefit from the same resources and expertise that we provide to our institutional investors to help maximize growth while managing risk.

In comparison to a bank or brokerage firm, Lowery is able to provide:

  • Diverse investment options
  • Timely information
  • Access to alternative strategies
  • A greater assortment of vetted investment managers

Through our proprietary investment process, Lowery ensures that your portfolio is tailored to an appropriate balance of risk and reward.

To learn more about how Lowery Asset Consulting helps Private Clients maximize growth while managing risk, contact us today.