Retirement Plans

Each year, the standard for fiduciary conduct increases the accountability of retirement plan sponsors. Transparency, fee disclosure, prudent investment selection and documented due diligence – all while staying current with ERISA and DOL regulations – have become more complex as the threat of liability continues to loom.

Lowery helps clients build stronger fiduciary risk mitigation practices. We instill processes and procedures that protect the plan sponsor and individual fiduciaries. Our innovative strategies deliver forward-thinking research and fee-conscientious solutions.

Why Lowery is the better choice for retirement plan sponsors

Lowery's independence and objectivity allow us to be the most effective advocate for our clients when it comes to reducing expenses and/or improving performance.

  • Independent investment consulting is our only business at Lowery – there is no parent company, subsidiary, brokerage or bank affiliation.
  • We do not sell investments or receive fees for managers to be included in our databases.
  • Our arms-length approach allows us to concentrate solely on the best interests of our clients without encountering potenial conflicts of interest.

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