Defined Contribution Plans

At Lowery Asset Consulting, we understand that the responsibility of managing your firm’s 401(k) plan can be overwhelming. Participants expect exceptional investment selection, sound recordkeeping, low fees and meaningful participant education, while plan sponsors must stay current with ever-evolving ERISA and DOL requirements.

Lowery acts as your co-fiduciary and your advocate, helping facilitate the multitude of plan details and maintaining a strictly-documented due diligence process to meet your fiduciary obligation. 

We can benchmark your 401(k) plan against your peers to help determine any areas that need improvement. We can revise and adapt your plan to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Improve investment selection
  • Find a more effective and efficient record keeper
  • Increase participation
  • Provide meaningful participant education
  • Assist with regulatory updates – provide information as to legislative matters of relevance concerning ERISA and Department of Labor governance

To learn more about how Lowery Asset Consulting can help you better manage your 401(k) plans, contact us today.