As your partner and trusted advisor, Lowery Asset Consulting can help you better understand the many nuances of a Taft-Hartley plan. Our knowledge and experience can identify ways to lower plan risks in a regulatory environment where responsibilities and liabilities have increased.

Because each client and plan is unique, we begin by performing a comprehensive review of the current asset allocation, and, if needed, perform an asset liability study. We then conduct a thorough discussion of all potential traditional and non-traditional investments, along with preferred approaches toward active/passive strategies. Our consultative approach creates an efficient and successful portfolio carefully tailored to each client’s unique circumstances.  

  • Our independence allows us to work with your preferred custodian.
  • Our fees are 100% client-based. Lowery offers advice that’s completely objective.
  • We utilize investments that span every asset class, offering the opportunity to discover young, emerging managers and new asset classes.

To learn more about how Lowery Asset Consulting can help you better manage your Taft-Hartley plan, contact us today.